5 Must-have qualities for your next tech hire

April 15, 2022

5 Must-have qualities for your next tech hire
Are you planning to hire your next tech resource and looking for tips and tricks regarding their must-have qualities? Keeping up with the changing remote world is critical now!

When it comes to building or scaling up a company, the challenges for CEOs and HR grow exponentially. Hiring a tech resource is no easy task, whether it’s due to a limited budget or a specific set of technical skills.  

The real challenge begins in learning how to identify the red flags. Hiring resources for your tech company, whether in terms of technical or soft skills, is critical for talent management teams.  

So, let's look at the top five characteristics of how to spot a good hire for a tech company so you can decide whether to pass on the candidate during the evaluation process or consider him as your next tech hire.

Keep your strategy and tech stack up to date

Every passing second brings significant changes in the tech industry. And in this era, only those organizations that keep their strategies up-to-date are successful. A resource who has a learning mindset is not only going to take part in your company's new trends but will also come up with new innovations and plans.  

Bringing innovation to the table

A good tech resource always brings new ideas, solutions, and innovation to the table. As technology changes, the mindset of its users should also. Therefore, by asking situation-based or problem-based questions in an interview, either for remote positions or a house team, the one who brings new ideas is simply perfect for your tech team.  

Quick and clear communication skills

The key to either managing a distributed team or in-house staff is to have quick coordination. If your resource is not able to explain its concerns to other resources, how is it supposed to fulfill the requirements of the company? If a candidate is quick to respond in interviews and the recruiting process, he is most likely to communicate quickly and clearly in his position.  

Conduct market research on skills and position

Tech is one of the fastest evolving industries globally, and a person associated with it needs to be intelligent enough to deal with these trends. A candidate for remote work should have deep market research into the trending skills and positions. And market research can be on new technologies, tech products, or new companies.  

Consistent enough to make a market hustle:

Team member consistency is needed for an organization to stay ahead and be productive. When a recruiter recognizes a candidate's passion, creativity, consistency, and optimism, the process of hiring tech candidates and building distributed teams becomes much easier. Similarly, suppose a candidate is willing to step outside of his or her comfort zone to do something unique and noteworthy. In that case, your company's success is ensured by this behavior.  

Undoubtedly, hiring a remote workforce is the new normal and a fast-growing concern in the tech industry. But finding a potential candidate that fulfills not only your technical needs but also soft skills is hard to find. Finally, after reviewing hundreds of CVs, interviewing practices, and evaluations, you find the one that is perfect for your company.  

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