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We work with tech companies to build, scale and manage remote teams.

Our AI-backed Talent Sourcing platform helps you find top-tech talent to build your remote distributed dream team in your time zone.

Axelerate Sourcing
Whether you’re hiring one, ten, or 100, set all your hiring needs on autopilot with our Recruitment-as-a-Solution. Choose the right plan for your business based on your growth stage.
Pay as you go
Monthly: $99 USD*
+ 9% of yearly total comp/hire
Ideal for startups with occasional
hiring needs.
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* Monthly commitment
Best for occasional hires
Monthly: $399 USD*
Yearly: $3,990 USD*
+ 6% of yearly total comp/hire
Ideal for
scaleups growing their teams monthly.
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* Annual commitment
Best for 5+ annual hires
Monthly: $1,499 USD*
Yearly: $14,990 USD*
+ 3% of yearly total comp/hire
Ideal for businesses with constant open
positions looking for a top-tier HR specialized service.
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* Annual commitment
Best for 12+ annual hires
Traditional Hiring vs Axelerate
Traditional Hiring
OurRaaS Solution
Average Time to Hire
60 -90days
15 -45 days
20% of the projected total cost
$399 USD / Month until hire is made
20% of total yearly comp package
6% of total yearly comp package
Non-technical screening, limited vetting
Technical recruiters & automated code challenges
The subscription includes as many as you need
Unlock the profit benefits of using international talent:
Faster hiring
Platform assisted by our HR Tech Specialists
Unlimited job postings for same fee
Unlimited candidate vetting
Cost-efficient and fair pricing on placement fees
Helping hundreds of innovative companies scale faster.
Why our customers love
working with us.
We're one of LATAM's Top 20 Tech B2B Companies
Axelerate brings you the best of both worlds, helping your company find and hire the right talent and then seamlessly manage it.
“They’re on top of things and are very quick to respond. All of their communication and client service is outstanding.”
Andres Quintanilla, CMO
FinTech & Financial Services Company, YC-S21
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We’ve had a very effective collaboration; Axented has listened to and understood the requirements of each candidate profile for Ventup, exceeding our expectations. Thanks to its adaptation to our selection process, it has resulted in very fluid communication with very satisfactory results”.​
Alejandro Sherwell
Co-founder, Ventup
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Axented is easy to work with and accommodating. They're collaborative in nature and reliable in responding to requests. Effective communication is a hallmark of their work. Their team always meets deadlines or even delivers earlier.​
Adriana Villaseñor
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We specialize in connecting great talent with great companies so you don't have to start from the ground up.