Welcome! We’re very happy for you to be joining our team and our growing tech community. This handbook exists to help you navigate and thrive in Axented. This is how we work together, how we want to keep improving our culture, and most of all, something that we’re building together that will keep evolving and helping other teammates succeed. Please review this handbook to learn more about our values, principles, and commitments.


Axented was founded in 2010 by three founders looking to change and to make an impact with companies looking to develop any type of app or software. Together, they founded a technology consulting firm and worked with the best companies in the world. Axented worked and developed digital platforms for varying industries ranging from healthtech, insuretech, fintech, concrete industry, supply and logistics, last-mile food delivery service and many others. For 8+ years we paved the way for many founders and companies to help them improve and manage their business with our platforms.

In 2019 our trajectory changed. The more complex and involved we were with our clients projects, we shifted into a technology consulting firm and helped clients not only to build their product but also to materialize and improve their operations and business model. This is when clients started asking us to also help them create their engineering dream team to continue on a successful trajectory.

In 2020, Axelerate is born. We pivoted and shifted with the pandemic to help clients in the US and Canada find, hire and manage their remote dream team.

Who we Are

Organization Chart

Organization Chart
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Intro Founders

Intro Founders, Leads & HR

Our Culture

Our Culture

Together we’re building all things related to the future of work. Our company strives to connect the most talented individuals with the best remote jobs, working for the best companies in the world.

Know someone who wants to join our team? Please refer them to us and let our HR department know so you can receive a bonus if they’re hired. Share with your friends or colleagues the following link to apply and join our team: https://www.axelerate.io/


What we expect from you?

  • Honesty and transparency with your team and company. Be mindful if you are taking time off, having difficulties with your tasks or if you need help with something. Always feel free to reach out.
  • Commitment with your responsibilities and work. We’re not a 9-5 job, we want you to be productive and responsible, that’s why we trust you to work efficiently when working remotely.
  • Grow and evolve your skills with yourself, with your team, and with the company. If you want to improve on a specific skill set with a book or a course, please reach out to the HR team and we’ll do everything we can to help you get the resources needed.
  • Be empathetic with your team’s commitments and responsibilities. Be open to hear feedback from your team, your leaders, and also be willing to help your team.

What can you expect from us?

  • Transparency, we’ll always let you know any important update about the company. If you have any questions, comments or ways that we can help and improve, please send us a DM to our HR team.
  • We’re always available and willing to hear from the team for any feedback. In order to grow, evolve, and keep having the amazing culture we have, feel free to reach out to our HR team or leaders to hear you out.
  • We want to help you grow and be successful, and we always make time to have one on one conversations with you.

Axented Principals. We believe in:

  • Being professional with our work and commitments.
  • Being available for our team.
  • Nourishing creativity.
  • Be punctual and mindful of ours and others time.
  • Have fun!

Team Commitment:

North Star

  • We design, build and scale businesses through tech innovation.
  • Successfully onboard clients.
  • Create a great customer experience for clients.


  • Assume accountability to deliver the highest value for the organization in every department.
  • Optimize processes and tools.

People Centric

  • Be proactive.
  • Be a team player, respectful and supportive.
  • Share your knowledge with others.


  • Build world-class products and solutions.
  • Demonstrate resilience and adaptability.
  • Positive energy and a "can do" attitude.
  • Communicate in an enganging way.

Help us keep Axented great!

-Welcome aboard!

Day 1 - New here!

Document Signing
HR will digitally send you the following documents:

  • Digital Contract
  • Digital NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)
  • IT equipment requirements
  • Laptop and equipment
  • Welcome Kit

IT equipment will depend on project assigned and responsibilities but it usually consists of:

  • Laptop
  • Charger
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Adaptor
  • Monitor
  • Phone

Equipment Handling Policy


  • Keep the computer clean and in good condition, the equipment must be delivered in the same conditions and state as it was delivered.
  • Clean and maintain your computer keyboard intact.
  • Keep drinks or other liquids away from office equipment.
  • Avoid overheating equipment.
  • Tips for to keep a clean and organised computer:www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_KIAwt6_ck


  • Do not eat food while the equipment is being used to prevent it from getting dirty.
  • Do not keep the computer connected all day to avoid damaging the battery.

*In case of loss or damage of any company property, the value of the replacement or repair will be covered by the employee.


Please download the following software once you receive your equipment:

Meet your Team

  • You’ll have an team introduction meeting with your Team Leader
  • Here is the company organization chart
Organization chart
View Organization Chart
Human resources


Work Schedule

  • Our work hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, with one hour for lunch. Get in touch with your direct boss to coordinate your lunch and break times.
  • There might be times that you’re needed during other hours, so be mindful about your availability and always check with your teammates if they need extra help.
  • Holidays will usually be announced through the Slack channel, always be sure to check in with your team leader.

Our Dress code es Business Casual

  • In general, the dress code for employees is business casual. However, because we're mostly working remotely, we guess you can stay in pajamas all day, just be professional during video meetings.

Work from home rules

  • Maintain your morning routine, respect your teams daily meetings and commitments.
  • Connect on time during official business hours.
  • Designate a dedicated workspace.
  • Its beneficial to take some time to go outside.
  • Turn on your camera during video meetings as possible.
  • Don't watch TV.
  • Be available, being remote does not mean we might need to have a quick call or huddle.

Pays & perks

Payroll in Mexico is done through biweekly payments.

  • You’ll receive two payslips each month. For any questions or paperwork that you might need regarding your payroll, please get in touch with our HR team or e-mail marcela@axented.com


  • Christmas bonus: 15 days.
  • Social Security: All are registered in the IMSS system effective on the date of entry.
  • Days off: Employees will have the right to two weekly rest days, these being Saturday and Sunday.
    If you want to take time off, please visit our PTO guidelines.
  • Maternity leave: Women are given to 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after giving birth with paid time off.
  • Maternity / Paternity leave: applicable according to Mexican Labor Law. Contact HR for further support.

Plerk: Virtual debit card.

Plerk is a prepaid debit card that the company makes a monthly deposit in so the employee can use at any establishment. To access your balance, you will receive an email from one of our administrators through your company email, with your digital account.
Plerk seguros special price for health and medical support.
Access plerk through:


An online educational tool that helps you take online certificates and courses.
Log-in with your work e-mail: www.estudia.vincoed.com/login  

Medical Insurance

Issuer: Banorte
Deductible: $25,000.00 MXN pesos
Insurance Sum: $50,000.00 MXN pesos
Coinsurance: 10%

Life Insurance

Issuer: Banorte
Deductible: $150,000.00 pesos

Credi Club

High-tech financial services to finance your projects, invest your savings and digitize your financial life.
Provide financial solutions for those who undertake and save in order to generate a better future.

Fondo de Ahorro

6% of your gross pay is deducted automatically and sent to the Fondo de Ahorro and matched by the company.


Where you will be able to ask for capped % amount of your payroll payment in advance.​
 ​Collect your money for the days worked in advance in an easy way​, and right away when you requested.

Referral program

Axented has a referral program in which you can recommend your colleagues and friends to apply for vacancies within the company. If your referral is hired and passes the trial period, you will receive a one-time bonus fee of $5,000 MXN pesos in your payroll.  

You can either approach a member of the Recruitment team and share their CV or refer them by attaching their CV through the Workable platform.


Official American National Holidays:

  • Monday, January 17 Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Monday, May 30 Memorial Day
  • Monday, July 4 Independence Day
  • Monday, September 5 Labor Day
  • Friday, November 11 Veterans Day
  • Thursday, November 24 Thanksgiving Day

Official Mexican National Holidays

  • Monday, February 5, “día de la Constitución Mexicana”
  • Monday, March 21, “natalicio de Benito Juárez”
  • Friday, September 16, “Día de Independencia”
  • Monday, November 21, “Día de la Revolución Mexicana”

PTO (Paid time off)

  • 20 days of vacations per year 100% paid, available from your first day, these will have to be requested at least 2 weeks in advance and notified through an email to your direct boss and copying to HR. Please read our internal PTO guidelines.
  • Marriage bonds: on vacation account
  • Prenatal exams or preparation techniques for childbirth; attendance at information sessions and preparation for the adoption: the indispensable time.
  • Birth, adoption, custody for the purpose of adoption or foster care: one hour of absence from work. Divisible into two fractions until the infant is 9 months old.

Leave of Absence

  • Medical leave of absence: If you have a medical issue, discuss it with HR and with your direct boss, regarding the severity of the situation it will usually require a doctor’s note.
  • Maternity / Paternity leave: applicable according to Mexican Labor Law. Contact HR for further support.
    - Maternity: 84 paid days, effective with the IMSS disability form
    - Paternity:  5 paid days, effective with the live birth certificate
  • Bereavement Leaves: You can take up to four days if you experience a situation from a close family friend or relative of death, accident or serious illness, hospitalization or intervention without hospitalization that requires home admission.
  • Sick DaysIn the event that you feel sick and need to take the day off to go for a medical appointment, please notify your direct manager and HR so that they are informed.

Employee Health & Safety

To avoid any type of risk among our employees, we have currently adopted a hybrid modality, in which we give our employees the option to work in person or remotely if they wish.

If you do come to the office to work, our offices have been equipped and we have taken all the necessary preventative measures to be safe during Covid.

Covid measures:

  • If you have present symptoms or someone you live with tests positive for Covid, we ask you to please stay at home in self-isolation. Most people with COVID-19 have mild illness and can recover at home without needing medical care. Do not leave your home except to seek medical attention. Do not visit public areas. Take care of yourself. Rest and stay hydrated.
  • Keep in touch with your doctor. Make sure you get medical attention if you have trouble breathing or have any emergency warning signs.
  • Please avoid public transportation, carpools, and taxis. Be compliant with government laws and suggestions.

You are all set!!!!  Now a few reminders or helpful information:

  • If my office equipment has an issue, who can I talk to?
    Please contact Marcela Salas so we can help you resolve this issue.
  • If I have questions about my insurance, who do I have to talk to for more information?  
    Ur company’s Medical Insurance contact:
    Diana Huerta dhuerta@solucionenriesgos.com &
    Veronica Munoz veronica.m@solucionenriesgos.com
  • Who do I contact for payroll or pay stubs information?
    If you have questions about your payroll, contact Marcela Salas so that she can help you clarify your doubts.
  • What is the process to ask for vacations or PTO?
    Please contact your team leader as well as the HR team. These must be requested directly to the leader at least 2 weeks in advance and notify your direct boss by email with a copy to HR
For any HR inquiries, please contact

Marcela Salas: marcela@axented.com
Nancy Torres: nancy.torres@axented.com

Follow Us!

LinkedIn: Axented / mx.linkedin.com/company/axented
Insta / Facebook : @axented

Leaving the company

In the event that you decide to terminate your employment relationship with the company, we recommend that you notify us at least 15 days in advance in order to close your process correctly. Please contact your direct boss and copy someone from our HR team to carry out this process as easy as possible.

Once you have agreed on the date of your last day, our HR team will contact you to give you instructions on the steps to follow for cancellation and for the equipment return process.

On your last day, you will sign the corresponding documentation, such as the voluntary resignation letter and the termination letter. We ask that if you reside in the municipality of Monterrey, the equipment be returned the same day the documents are signed. In case you are outside this area, RH will send you a guide to print so you can take the equipment to the parcel so that it can be sent to our offices.