Why remote work, works

April 8, 2022

Why remote work, works
Imagine being stuck in traffic for more than an hour. You are tired of hearing continuous car horns and are starting to have a headache. Plus, you are also running out of your office check-in time, which will eventually result in a salary deduction. This will lead you into thinking about remote working in such situations.

Many leading companies, like Hubspot and Facebook, have a remote workforce, but this recent COVID-19 pandemic has also made other smaller companies consider remote hiring.  

Especially in the tech industry, hiring remote resources has become the new normal. A company with no physical headquarters is earning millions of dollars, and the resources are earning much more than that from the comfort of their home.  

Reasons why a remote workforce is beneficial compared to an in-house workforce:  

Breaking the barriers of location-based hiring

The biggest breakthrough for this new remote hiring trend is that it draws talent from all around the globe. If you are not finding a candidate with the required skills in your city, make your recruiting process international. You can hire developers from the top STEM schools in Mexico and graphic tech UXers from LATAM, or Europe.

Also, hiring remote candidates helps you attract more skilled and experienced staff to join your company, and it gives you an idea of the international market's popularity, skills, products, and technologies.

And the opportunity to start operations in another country without opening an on-site office.

Savings in overhead finance

Salaries and bonuses are not the only expenses associated with having an in-house workforce. The company also must pay the electricity bills, office rent, kitchen supplies, stationery, lunch, transport, and non-technical staff.  

When it comes to working remotely, however, the only cost a company must bear is the salary of its resources. That's it. No additional costs. So, remote working can help you save a lot of operational budgets to invest in your company's growth and progress.  

Increased productivity and better results

There are hundreds of reasons why a remote team is more productive than an in-house workforce. For example, remote worker can finish the work during flexible hours and takes breaks whenever they want to, as they are not pressured to complete the project during office hours and are not distracted by their colleagues.  

By hiring remote workers for your company, you can complete your projects quickly and effectively with the right management tools. Furthermore, as your resources are comfortably working from home, they tend to give more extra working hours to the company to complete their tasks.  

Putting an end to not-coming-to-office reasons

Whether it’s car problems or traffic, there are thousands of reasons why an employee has friction going into the office. These circumstances can result in decreased productivity and delayed projects in the office.  

So, by building a remote workforce culture, you can make your employees attend the meetings and complete their tasks. Whether they are working from home, co-working, or in a coffee shop, you can get your work done with flexible hours without any hurdles or excuses.  

By hiring remote workers, you are not only elevating your company's commitment but also putting your organization's mark on the international market. Clients, in addition to skilled workers, may prefer to collaborate with your company. But the biggest problem is finding skilled and reliable remote workers.  

And this is how exactly Axented can help your company with their Recruitment-as-a-Service solution.

Axented has developed a platform where companies can be matched with pre-vetted software engineers in US time zones.  

The Recruitment-as-a-Service solution is mixed with the assistance of technical recruiters who understand the needs of this fast-evolving tech industry and have the experience to spot good tech hires.  

Our services help you with the regular pain points because we know how to build remote tech teams, making the process easier and having bigger savings on recruiting and operational costs.  

Let's talk about how we can help on your company expansion.

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