When should I add more manpower to my recruiting team?

April 22, 2022

When should I add more manpower to my recruiting team?
Whether you are a startup, a newly established company, or a multinational corporation, employing an HR resource for your recruiting team is crucial.

Your ultimate problem solver may be a talented, well-experienced, human resources specialist.    

But there are many challenges to getting a new HR member for your company. Sometimes you can’t find the right candidate or the company can't afford to have an HR department. When these situations happen, you can consider other options such as a Recruitment-as-a-Service solution.  

Money must be efficiently spent:

Hiring an HR professional entails more than just paying their salary; you must also pay for other team members' benefits such as transportation allowances and medical care. And, if your company is still in its early stages of development, it may be tough to afford them.  

As a result, you can identify potential tech candidates with a RaaS organization without having to pay salaries and other allowances on a continual basis. And when your organization is not recruiting, you will save money because you will not be paying an internal recruiter.  

This way the HR staff that is hired by your company can focus on the internal organization growth without the demanding recruitment tasks.  

Get your ideal candidate in less time:

Hiring a tech candidate is a time-consuming process for every company. From advertising your open positions to interviewing the candidates, from evaluating their technical skills to estimating their salaries, all these processes can take around 2 months or more per candidate, when the hiring has hard skills to find.  

However, when it comes to recruiting agencies, the hiring procedure is faster and more reliable as they already have a list of candidates along with an evaluated set of skills. But the tricky part of partnering with an external recruitment agency is the over-cost fees of hiring a new candidate.  

Our Recruitment-as-a-Service solution offers a way to have the best of both worlds: technology platforms with the assistance of experienced tech recruiters.  Resulting in savings for the companies per hire, since they will only pay a subscription fee for having the best candidate in the least time due to the matchmaking process.

The approach toward the best tech resources:  

With RAAS you can approach the best candidates either in terms of remote or in-house staff. The RaaS solution has industry experts that are experienced enough to evaluate the technical skills of a candidate correctly as well as understand the needs of the companies. So, with our Axelerate platform's help and the assistance of our specialized recruiters, you can easily find a candidate that matches your required skill set in the least possible time.  

Expert evaluation and interviewing practices:  

The industry experts of RaaS companies have extensive knowledge of the local and international markets and they are focused on building distributed teams. They are fully aware of the trends and strategies of leading companies, as well as experts in evaluating the skills and technical approaches of the resources.  

So, as an organization, you don't have to worry about the interviewing practices, the budget of the resources, and other formalities. Our Recruitment-as-a-Service solution will provide you with the right technical person for the right fit for your company.  

And this is exactly what we do. Whether you are an international firm, a scale-up or a start-up Axented has the right IT HR solution.

With our Talent Solution platform companies can easily find the best candidates for their teams.  

We have wide experience vetting tech candidates complemented by our high-end technology, so we help recruiting your dream team feel like a breeze!

Let's talk about how we can help your company scale smarter, not harder.

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