How to manage remote teams?

December 1, 2021

How to manage remote teams?
Running a business is not easy and sometimes team management can be something of a challenge. We know that managing teams in different time zones, changing schedules, overlapping work deadlines and expectations – among other challenges – can feel daunting at times.

But don't have to be that way; working with remote employees is an excellent opportunity for companies to save money and utilize the best talent. However, it can still be an overwhelming experience for anyone working on their own.

Here is a short guide that will make your job easier, so you're not entirely in the dark when managing remote teams from across the globe!

Short guide to manage your remote team

1) Choose the correct communication platform / app (Slack, Teams, etc...)

2) Set goals and set clear expectations

3) Challenge your team

4) Make your team feel part of the company success

5) Connect on a personal level, have on on one's with virtual calls

6) Set daily stand-ups

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