How to manage global payroll?

December 8, 2021

How to manage global payroll?
As a founder or CEO, you know how critical it is to get the right people on your team. Your business lives and dies by the talent of your employees — that’s why partnering with the right Talent Sourcing Software or Applicant Tracking System is a crucial piece to the success of your organization. It makes employee onboarding, global payroll management, and reporting easy while providing visibility with real-time updates across all locations.

Global business can be a complicated affair. Let’s face it; the world is not only global, but it is also totally interconnected through trading routes, policies, and other divvying factors. Every country has its own set of rules that govern local businesses inside their borders, and many times even those vary from state to state. Businesses need to follow these laws for several reasons: legal issues (I pay-you pay), tax issues.

If you are a foreign company doing business in Mexico, whether as an employer or just supplying goods or services, you will almost certainly be required to pay Mexican taxes. But don't worry; it's simpler than you might think!

If you have already expanded your business globally or thinking about doing it; you can now manage your human resources remotely efficiently.  With Axented's Workforce Solutions platform, you can manage local compliance, contracts, global payroll, employee benefits, and team onboarding. Let us take that load off your shoulders, avoid complicated processes and expensive compliance mistakes.

"Working with the right talent management software is vital for managing your remote team and global payroll. It can make or break how easy it is to manage your team; while keeping everyone compliant across jurisdictions."

See how Axented's Workforce platform can help you succeed in managing your entire virtual team - from onboarding to compliance, payroll, benefits and reimbursements.

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