How to hire remote developers?

December 15, 2021

How to hire remote developers?
Many companies prefer to have their team members as close as possible, but the future of remote has changed. Having a distributed dream team has now become the new normal because of the time and cost savings, not to mention that so many developers prefer working remotely. But how do you find your distributed talent? How do you vet them before bringing them on board? How can you make sure to find the perfect fit for your company?

Startups need to be lean and agile so they can move fast. One of the top factors that will drive your startup’s growth is how quickly you can hire the right people. In order to do this, you must first find the right PEO (Professional Employer Organization) from the country you want to hire so they can help you be fiscally compliant to pay your tech team.

Through years of experience working in various industries, we know how hard it is to do candidate vetting interviews throughout the hiring process. With Axented, we foster a culture of happiness, motivation, productivity and growth to empower your team and achieve your companies full potential. We start off by having a discovery session where we'll asses the specific technology stack that you need to find the perfect team for you.

Axented is a leading technology recruitment company that connects top developers and engineers with companies in need of great quality tech talent. Axented focuses its efforts on building relationships with the best and brightest software engineers, data scientists, product managers & UX designers and business analysts.

Finding top talent can be challenging, especially when looking for skills in a specific field. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We know how difficult it is to find great developers with the exact skill set and passion for what you want to achieve so we built our platform to do just that.

With Axelerate's Talent Sourcing and Workforce Solutions platform, you can hire and onboard development dream team for your company.

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