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From Axelerate to Get Matched: A New Chapter in Tech Recruitment

June 6, 2024

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Job Opportunities & Remote Work
From Axelerate to Get Matched: A New Chapter in Tech Recruitment
Axelerate Talent Network originated with the mission to seamlessly connect technology experts with premier employers across the Americas. Initiated by Axented, a leader in tech solutions, Axelerate distinguished itself as a prime resource for both job seekers and companies. Focused on empowering tech professionals with a plethora of career opportunities, the platform garnered support from key sponsors, including Monterrey Digital Hub, Founders Launchpad, and Peak Nuevo Leon, aiding in its expansion and in enriching the tech community with diverse job offerings.

Rebranding to Get Matched

The leap to rebrand as Get Matched stemmed from the aspiration to embody our mission and ethos more clearly.

Get Matched crystallizes our essence of facilitating perfect fits between job candidates and openings, offering a name that's both descriptive and visionary.

This transition was spurred by thorough market analysis and user feedback, highlighting the need for a refreshed, modern identity to appeal to a broader audience and stand out in a competitive industry. Get Matched introduces an enhanced user interface, sophisticated matching technology, and a broader scope of services, setting a new benchmark in user experience in the tech recruitment space.

Looking Ahead

Get Matched is guided by a bold vision: to set the standard as the ultimate portal for tech talent and opportunities worldwide.

  • Short-term: Continue to serve LATAM, North America, and select European locations.
  • Medium-term: Broaden job offerings in terms of quantity, member companies, and role types to better serve our community.
  • Long-term: Expand coverage in Europe and Asia.

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