5 advantages of having a remote team

January 19, 2022

Remote work has proven that it’s here to stay and with good reason. Remote working; allows employees to venture out into new locations while still doing their job from home. Research shows that more companies are finding that this type of freedom towards their teams ends up saving them more money. Employees save more time by reducing their daily traffic routines, meetings are shorter, so they spend more time working on their jobs, and most importantly employees feel a healthier life/work balance.

That is why building a distributed team will positively impact your business and workforce performance, whether it's in the short term or long term.

1) Work-life balance = Happier employees

Remote Work is the new trend. A strong remote-friendly culture not only helps you attract new talent but also increases work and life balance in your team. This is a massive incentive to your employees; this shows that you care about their time and that you trust them.

With remote work, your employees can balance their career with their personal life; they can be working anywhere they want or need depending on their situation. You may have in your team a superstar mom or dad that needs and wants to be at home watching their kid's grow, or they live miles away from their perfect job, or they could be taking care of a family member with an illness, who knows? All these benefits result in happier employees; Having motivated employees results in a more comfortable and more loyal workforce.

2) Increased productivity

The number one concern for organizations looking to start a remote workforce is productivity. Research shows that worries like these are often unwarranted, and remote workers often outperform office workers by up to 50%.

Remote workers are usually more productive and loyal than counterparts because you give them "more time," a precious benefit that is highly valued for them. No more traffic hours, their offices can be wherever a Wi-Fi connection is.

3) Allows you to access top talent

With remote work, you can hire the best fit for any position without being geographically limited, and that gives you the ability to consider employees that are in your time zone. You can hire the perfect fit for your open role even if they are a thousand miles away.

4) Efficient Office hours

If we measure all the dead times between; meals, bathroom, copy machine and coffee time at the office, you would be impressed how much time (and energy) you will save if you have your team in a remote modality. Remote meetings take less time than office meetings. Also, they are more effective, have a specific time in place, and are scheduled for specific topics.

5) Reduce Expenses

As a business owner, you can have a lot of savings having a remote team; you will no longer need expensive real estate or rent, electricity or high maintenance costs. Having a remote team is one of the main keys to being more efficient in your business, and today's companies can save money and time by working with talented people from around the world.

If your company is based in the US or Canada and wants to go global hiring talent abroad, we have the perfect solution to build your remote dream team. Take the load off all the foreign government regulations and taxes and let us handle all the complicated paperwork and compliance.

With an extraordinary team, extraordinary things can happen.

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