4 reasons for hiring developers in Mexico

July 8, 2022

4 reasons for hiring developers in Mexico
If you are considering hiring developers from Mexico, this article is for you! We will discuss the top 4 reasons to hire top tech talent in Mexico.

Hiring remote developers from Mexico has become a trend in the IT industry, especially for US and Canadian-based companies.  

Mexico’s government has been taking significant steps to develop its technological market and help tech companies thrive. Because Mexico has the best STEM and technical schools, many cities in Mexico compete for the name “the Mexican Silicon Valley.”  

If you are considering hiring developers or any other tech talent from Mexico, this article is for you! We will discuss the top 4 reasons to hire developers in Mexico.  

Parallel time zone

Hiring elite developers in Mexico is becoming a trend in the IT industry; However, their bonds with US companies are more than just a freelancer and recruiter relationship. The locations of the US and Mexico are great for building distributed teams because of the time zone and cultural connections. Building a distributed team in the same time zone makes it easy for the team members to collaborate and get real-time feedback.  

Cost-effective labor

The United States, Canada, and Mexico governments signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), eliminating most tariffs and barriers on products and services between the three countries.  

All companies care about budgets. Cutting down on unnecessary expenditure allows companies to put more effort into growing. As Mexico’s labor cost is lower than the US, hiring developers and tech talent from Mexico helps companies save money on payroll with the excellent quality of work.  

This cost-effective solution is reflected in our Recruitment-as-a-Service, where companies can easily find the right tech candidate based on your company’s needs, no matter what role you are looking for.  

Huge talent pool to hire from

The IT industry of Mexico has gone through a series of “revolutions,” and the Mexican government has put effort into educational development. The IT industry is a very mature market with many high-quality talents available. Hiring companies have a vast pool of software developers and other IT specialists such as UX designers, copywriters, and QA analysts to select their perfect match.

Cost-effective benefits

Building a developer team in Mexico is a very clever and strategic economic decision. You can access top tech talent due to the caliber of education in Mexico available that is on par with many US STEM schools. So, you can build a team with talented developers with less budget than if you try to develop an in-house team in the US.  

Also, you can access passionate and motivated talent in Mexico to work in a US-based company because it represents an excellent opportunity for their career paths due to the salary, company culture, and benefits.  

High cultural and language compatibility

Working with Mexican colleagues, you don’t need to worry about the culture clash and language barriers because the Mexican and American cultures mesh great due to our proximity.  

English is widely spoken and encouraged in Mexican workplaces, especially among people with computer science and engineering background. Many people in these two countries are bilingual, so language issues are also minimum when hiring remote Mexican employees.  

Mexico is a safe, secure, and reliable partner for software and other tech-related development. With the benefit of a competitive labor force, Mexico is undoubtedly a great choice.

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