3 interview warm-up tips every tech talent should know!

July 8, 2022

3 interview warm-up tips every tech talent should know!
In order to overcome this interview stress and anxiety, we have this article to help you cope with you’re pre-interview pressure.

Whether you are new to the IT industry or have been working for years, you know that interviews for IT positions are not specifically experience based . The greater technical skillset you have, will probably reflect on a higher comp package from your employer. A technical interview might be the only possible thing that determines your soft skills and your technical approach for a specific company role.    

After a successful evaluation through resumé and cover letter, an interview is meant to learn more about the candidates' abilities, experiences, and approaches to their technical skills. As for the candidates, the job interview is stressful because you have few minutes to let the recruiters know what you have learned over the years.

In order to overcome this interview stress and anxiety, we have this article to help you cope with you’re the pre-interview pressure. Give this article a thorough read and learn the top 3 tips for interview warm-up every tech talent candidate should certainly know.  

Let's get started!  

Understand the job description:  

From your past education and work experiences, you may have accumulated skills that are irrelevant to the position you’re applying for. During the interview, showcasing your skills that match the recruiter’s candidate profile is essential.  

The job description lists the roles and responsibilities of the position, as well as the qualifications you need to be able to perform the job. A well-written job description. L lists the job title, job purpose, job duties and responsibilities, required qualifications, preferred qualifications, working conditions, and the company’s expectations from you.  

You can certainly anticipate technical interview questions that are drawn from the required qualifications, so definitely review the job description carefully and prepare yourself for possible questions and scenarios.  

A job description can also help you stick to the main point and remind yourself that you were selected for a specific kind of experience.  


Be confident regarding your resume and cover letter:  

The skills and interests you have mentioned in your resume are fair game. Be confident and know the skills, interests, and hobbies you mentioned in your resume. The recruiters have selected your resumé and cover letter, and the interview is meant to learn more about your soft skills and technical experience so they can figure out whether you are a top contender for their position. Practice your previous job experiences, projects you've worked on, your most significant accomplishments in your jobs, new things you've learned, and your job responsibilities in other companies. You might have to justify your resumé at the time of the interview.  


Practice your greetings, outfit, and other frequently asked questions:  

An interview can feel like one of the most judgmental events a person can go through, and your skills and body language matters the most. Pick a decent outfit for your interview and practice the greeting at the beginning of the interview. You may be confident about your skills but it’s better if you practice your explanation about them in a professional manner.  

While you won’t be able to predict every question of the interview, there are always a few common questions you can plan answers for. You can also develop an elevator pitch that quickly describes who you are and what you do.  


Interviews are always tricky, and the tension is amplified for IT professionals. You are taking the time to consider your technical accomplishments and qualifications relative to the position and the company role you’re applying for. Hopefully, this information will help you through your next interview Best of luck!

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