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Say hello to the future of work.

Find and hire remote top-tech talent in your time zone.

Our AI-backed Talent Sourcing platform helps you streamline your hiring needs and build your remote dream team. Using our Axelerate platform, scale your tech team faster, smarter, and more cost-effective.

Scale your specialized remote team smarter, not harder.

You don’t have to start from the ground up; we specialize in connecting great talent with great companies. Partner with Axented for a cost-effective and 5.5x faster solution compared with other traditional recruitment companies.
Meet our future of work solutions
Meet our future of work solutions.

Our Axelerate platforms help you find, hire and manage your remote dream team.

Our Recruitment as a service (RaaS) and AI-backed platform helps with candidate sourcing, vetting, interviews, and employee onboarding.

Talent Sourcing platform
HR Specialists support
Find and recruit amazing talent
Candidates communication
Code challenges
Salary and offer recommendations

Our platform has everything you need to run a global workforce and empower your team.

Payroll Management
Employee Benefits
Team Onboarding
Local Compliance
Start hiring now!
Find top-tech talent faster.


Hire faster with our platform with access to a world-class talent pool of engineers and tech talent. Our AI-backed platform and on-demand recruiters will continuously provide you with qualified candidates.

The power of our AI-backed platform + HR Specialists support

Vet & Interview

Our platform will screen candidates and help you provide timely feedback with the support of our HR Specialists. You can jumpstart your vetting process faster and fast-track candidates already pre-screened from our platform. You can participate and co-interview at any time of the process.

5.5x faster than traditional recruiting


We’ll help you hire faster by streamlining talent from sourcing to hiring to onboarding. You’ll be able to participate along the way and be able to comment, review technical challenges and collaborate with our HR specialist to choose the best candidate for the job. Once the candidate has been selected, our platform will take care of compliance and payroll.

Smooth transition into your company's operations


Our specialized HR team will help you with all the heavy lifting, including bringing your team member onboard, legal red tape and HR compliance.

Axelerate Sourcing
Whether you’re hiring one, ten, or 100, set all your hiring needs on autopilot with our Recruitment-as-a-Solution. Choose the right plan for your business based on your growth stage.
Pay as you go
Monthly: $99 USD*
+ 9% of yearly total comp/hire
Ideal for startups with occasional
hiring needs.
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* Monthly commitment
Best for occasional hires
Monthly: $399 USD*
Yearly: $3,990 USD*
+ 6% of yearly total comp/hire
Ideal for
scaleups growing their teams monthly.
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* Annual commitment
Best for 5+ annual hires
Monthly: $1,499 USD*
Yearly: $14,990 USD*
+ 3% of yearly total comp/hire
Ideal for businesses with constant open
positions looking for a top-tier HR specialized service.
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* Annual commitment
Best for 12+ annual hires
Complement your in-house team with remote top tech talent while growing and scaling your company.

Why partner with Axented?

Average time saved vs.
traditional recruitment.
Average cost savings vs.
traditional recruitment.
Years of experience in
the tech sector.
Industries served
around the world.
All Inclusive Benefits
We’re developers who hire developers.
We've been in your shoes, so that's why we're so diligent in vetting the most suitable candidates.
All Inclusive Benefits
We give you peace of mind.
We make the recruitment process a breeze. Find specialized tech talent who are passionate and motivated.
All Inclusive Benefits
Simple, fast, and cost-effective.
Leveraging AI and our HR Specialists, wesource top tech talent based on your needs in record time.
All Inclusive Benefits
Scale smarter, not harder.
A distributed team can help your company unlock significant cost savings.
Talent profiles

Connect with Software Developers, QA Experts, Product Designers and Data Scientists

Software engineers, Architects, DevOps, Web and Mobile.
Design & Marketing
UX and UI designers, Graphic designers, Digital Marketer, HubSpot specialist, Motion graphic designer, Video game illustrators, Game designers and more.
QA Analysts
Quality assurance experts: Automated testing, Manual testing and more.
Data Scientists
Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Analytics and more.
Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Full-stack Engineer, Mobile Engineers,Shopify Engineer, Data Scientist, Dev Ops.
Project Management, Product Owner, Product Lead, Program Manager, Scrum, Master, QA Specialist.
Sales & Admin
Business Developer, Community Manager.
Why our customers love
working with us.
We're one of LATAM's Top 20 Tech B2B Companies
Axelerate brings you the best of both worlds, helping your company find and hire the right talent and then seamlessly manage it.
“They’re on top of things and are very quick to respond. All of their communication and client service is outstanding.”
Andres Quintanilla, CMO
FinTech & Financial Services Company, YC-S21
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We’ve had a very effective collaboration; Axented has listened to and understood the requirements of each candidate profile for Ventup, exceeding our expectations. Thanks to its adaptation to our selection process, it has resulted in very fluid communication with very satisfactory results”.​
Alejandro Sherwell
Co-founder, Ventup
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Axented is easy to work with and accommodating. They're collaborative in nature and reliable in responding to requests. Effective communication is a hallmark of their work. Their team always meets deadlines or even delivers earlier.​
Adriana Villaseñor
Helping hundreds of innovative companies scale faster.
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We specialize in connecting great talent with great companies so you don't have to start from the ground up.